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Discover Your Coastal Retreat in Beautiful North Wales

Explore the beauty of North Wales with our range of holiday homes at Edwards Leisure Park and Pebble Beach Resort. Experience family fun and luxurious relaxation at our prime coastal locations.

Discover Our Parks

Embark on a journey of coastal tranquility and vibrant leisure at our prestigious parks - Edwards Leisure Park and Pebble Beach Resort. Nestled in the heart of Towyn, Edwards Leisure Park is a family-run haven where golden sandy beaches and a plethora of local attractions await your exploration. Just a stone’s throw away, Pebble Beach Resort unveils a luxurious retreat amidst serene lodges.

Edwards Leisure Park

Edwards Leisure Park

A family-friendly seaside holiday park. With bars, restaurants, fairgrounds, markets, and beach access nearby, it offers various activities within walking distance. Edwards is where memories are crafted.

Pebble Beach Resort

Pebble Beach

Step into a realm of luxury where every lodge emanates elegance and comfort. Pebble Beach is not just a stay, but an experience that epitomises refined leisure.

  • 101/2 Month Season
  • Super Lodge Pitches
  • Private Access & Parking
A Journey of Discovery and Delight

Unveil the Essence of a Perfect Getaway

Step into a world where every moment turns into a cherished memory. Our holiday parks location offers a kaleidoscope of experiences right on your doorstep - from tranquil mornings by the sea to lively evenings under the stars. Whether it’s a peaceful retreat or an adventure-filled holiday, expect an array of activities and scenic beauty of North Wales. Catering to all ages and tastes, get ready to immerse yourself in the unique lifestyle that our parks offer, ensuring each visit is not just a trip, but a journey of delightful discoveries.

Explore Edwards Leisure Explore Pebble Beach Resort

The journey to owning your seaside retreat is just a click away. Browse through our holiday home and lodge listings, and envision the possibilities of a leisurely life by the sea.

Unlock the Charm of Towyn

Explore the Local Area

Embark on a journey of discovery and enjoyment in the lively and scenic surroundings of Towyn. Nestled in the heart of North Wales, this charming locale offers a myriad of attractions to keep you entertained, relaxed, and enriched with coastal culture.

Knightly’s Fun Park

A family-favourite, this amusement park provides a blend of thrilling rides and relaxed funfair games. It’s a place where laughter echoes and memories are crafted

Kinmel Bay

Explore the pristine shores of Kinmel Bay, where the golden sands invite you for a leisurely stroll or a fun-filled day of beach activities

Tir Prince Raceway

Feel the rush as you witness exhilarating horse races at the Tir Prince Raceway, a venue that also hosts regular markets and fairs

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